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2215 NW 9th Street
(541) 758-3131
Mon-Sat: 6am-6pm
Sun: 7am-5pm



363 SW Jefferson Ave.
(541) 286-4289
Mon-Fri: 6am-6pm
Sat-Sun: 7am-5pm


1195 NW Kings Blvd.
(541) 753-3030
Mon-Sat: 6am-6pm
Sun: 7am-5pm



2499 NW Kings Blvd.
(541) 758-6760
Mon-Sat: 6am-6pm
Sun: 7am-5pm


Holderness Coffee Roasters

Holderness is a family name, that stands for a long history of hard work, strength, and a commitment to excellence. We opened Coffee Culture in 1993, and since then we've expanded to 4 locations throughout Corvallis. We started roasting coffee in 2012, in an effort to improve quality and grow.  

Holderness Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing, buying, roasting and wholesaling specialty coffee. We believe it takes a global effort for our coffee to reach your cup so we have great respect for the people dedicated to getting it here. We seek out compelling coffees and roast to accentuate their unique qualities, cupping each coffee thoroughly to make sure it stacks up to our standards before we send it out to you. 



Fresh Baked Pastries  

We bake daily, in-house, using traditional methods to create high quality handcrafted pastries to pair with your coffee. Using only the freshest ingredients and gathering inspiration for new recipes through what is available seasonally, we strive to bring you beautiful and delicious baked goods.  

If you're interested in a special order for an event send us an email through the contact form below. We'd love to chat about how we can customize something special for you.   


About Coffee Culture

We opened the first drive-thru window in Corvallis, Oregon in 1993 and since day one, we've strived to build and nurture lasting relationships with the local community. Our goal is to share our passion for quality, sustainably-sourced coffee and incorporate our high standards into daily operations at our cafes. By serving quality coffee products and delivering top-notch customer service, what started as a single drive-thru location has gained a steady following - we now have 4 locations throughout Corvallis. We're proud to provide convenient, quality coffee and fresh baked goods just for you! 

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